This Institute has been created by Pandit S.D. Batish in loving memory of his guruji,
Shri Chaandanraam "Charan"
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Our Founders:

S. D. Batish

Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish is the founder of this institute and he is our teacher. He has been active on the Indian music scene as a vocalist in North Indian classical, folk, and filmi music for over 65 years! He is also a multi instrumentalist well versed in the art of playing the vichitra veena, sitar, violin, harmonium, dilruba, sarodini veena, dholak, tabla and anythin else he puts his mind to. He has given music for numerous films in India and the West

Ashwin Batish

Ashwin's study of indian music started at a very early age when he learned Dholak from his mother Smt.Shanta Devi Batish and would accompany her to keertans. His interests moved to the swarmandal which he would play with a slide. At age 12, he started learning the tabla from his father and soon after at 14 years of age his interests turned towards the sitar. He is the webmaster, content writer and editor of all the Batish related web sites and is instrumental in producing all of his father's books, CDs, videos etc.

Meena Batish

Meena's musical education began at age 10 with her study of the Kathak dance form. But she is naturally gifted with a phenomenal voice and was frequently requested to sing at many get togethers and functions in India. She has studied many bhajans, geets, ghazals from her father and also loves to sing the popular filmi songs.

Finally, here is the completeBatish family team. . Without this togetherness none of this would be possible. Learn a bit more our goals, ambitions, our musical background, etc.

Learning Music of India

The Batish Institute Indian music activity started in the U.S. started around 1970. These music archives will direct you to our learning centers on the Internet where we have stored our music and arts information. New information is added daily. Please visit often and if you can, gives us a link from your site.
  1. Ragopedia:

    Here are some pages on Indian music theory from our Ragopedia book. This book contains over 650 ragas of North India and is a great reference manual. To buy it please click here

  2. Video Tutors:

    Learning Indian music through instructional videos is now possible. We are working hard on new releases. The Vichitra Veena tutor finally made it out of the door. It's a real classic considering that this is a rare and quickly disappearing instrument and art. We encourage everyone to keet the tradition alive. Recommend it to all your musically interested colleagues and schools and libraries. This one will need a lot of pushing to get it some good homes! Presently we are also working hard on releasing the Dholak Tutor, Sitar #3, and tabla tutor #3.

  3. RagaNet

    RagaNet is the creation of Ashwin Batish. It is dedicated to educating its readers on the music and fine arts of India. Here you will also find lessons on the sitar, tabla, on history of Indian music, raga theory, learning ragas. Midi, and mp3 files are included where necessary. New pages are being created daily.

  4. Indian Musical Instruments

    Learn about the various musical instrument of India. We hope to make this one of the most comprehensive collections on the web. Your additions and suggestions are always welcome.

  5. Indian Music Glossary

    Learn about an Indian music term. This glossary is not complete yet but hopefully it will keep getting closer to completion as we try to update its contents. We also have plans to split this to specialty glossary subgroups at a latter date.

  6. Indian Music Bibliographies

    Our goal is to make this a complete reference to all the major educational Indian music works be they book, videos, CDs, tapes or online articles. Some bibliographies on North Indian music works, South Indian music works, the Sitar and th tabla are presently online. We are adding new titles and would appreciate any input and help

    We recommend you keep checking our New and upcoming Releases page. It is designed to inform you of our latest additions to our catalog. Our concert schedule is listed here. Here is one that will be one of the largest collected information on musical instrument of India

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