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Our Friends

Radio Ara Music Mix at

Dr. Ralph Abraham - tabla, sitar, dilruba

Todd Green. Todd studies tabla with Ashwin Batish

Dr. David Harnish - Guitarist, educator.

Joseph minicello - Sitar, Theremin. Ashwin's sitar student

Zakir Hussain - Tabla maestro

Frances Pulone - Sitar

Bob Tarte - Music Reviewer

John St.Pierre - sitar, guitar, vocals. Ashwin's sitar student.

Dieno Trotta friends of the Batish Family

Free India music teachers database

Ragmala Radio and TV was resurected as a dedication to the memory of my esteemed father Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish to carry on his tremendous legacy of music of India. Click his link to check out his unbelieable contribution to music. We broadcast 24/7 footage of concerts, audio recording of radio shows, educational videos to teach music of India including such popular instruments like the sitar, tabla, dilruba, vichitra veena, dholak, harmonium, singing and the classcal dance form such as Kathak and Bharatnatyam. Live performance of artists from our studios in Santa Cruz, California are planned for the near future. We invite yo to tune in regularly. If you are an organizer of events related to Indian then send us your PSA announcements for inclusion in our broadcasts. email:

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