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Welcome! Here you will find Sitar lessons, tabla lessons, tanpura, dholak and harmonium lessons, and lots of articles on theory of Indian music, information on musical instruments of India and some dedicated pages on our founders Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish (S.D. Batish) and sitar wizard Ashwin Batish.

Our music school activities include teaching instrumental and vocal music of North India. Intruments taught include the Sitar, Tabla, Harmonium, Dilruba, Dholak, Violin, and Vichitra Veena, tanpura (tambura). A special East-West fusion class including a raga jazz, raga rock workshop will be held and students with adequate instrumental skills are invited to sit in and participate.

We have also created a very workable display area for all our music related products such as video tutors, for the sitar, harmonium, tanpura (tambura), dilruba, tabla etc., tabla groove CDs, Books on music of India, musical instruments of India, and a practice room for our students.

We do have a limited selection ofmusical instruments for sale. And, if you are looking for something not listed we may be able to get it for you or direct you to the right source. We do specialize in tweaking sitars and tablas to their finest tone.

Bookmark our site and browse it at your convenience. Most of all, help spread the word and put a link to our pages from yours.

We also carry a full line of parts for the sitar and tabla and we can order them for other instruments. Please visit our Catalog when you need to order. If you can't find something email us at info @ batish.com and we will try finding it for you.

Finally, we have a brand new gift shop with wonderful special items such as Pashmina Shawls, Essential Oils, Incense, Tapestries, Bed Covers, and a select collection of groceries such as chai masala, curry powders and basmati rice. You have to visit and see for your self. The store is open 10 am to 5 pm daily.


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