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Pandit S.D. Batish - Letters of Support

Music of India can conjure up a mood of mysticism and a feeling of another dimension. Mr. Batish certainly evoked this with his expert playing of his facinating and ancient Indian instrument, Vichitra Veena.

Western Mail: Cardiff Commonwealth Arts Festival, England

A most outstanding musician, performer and conductor of Indian music. Has contributed with his melodious voice and tunes to innumerable performances and hit records. His presence in the states will substantiate and enrich the culture of the western world.

Shakti Samanta, Producer, Shakti Films, Bombay, India

A well known artist from India, has earned a name for himself as a singer and multi-instrumentalist. He is a musician of great talent and well known standing and is genuinely interested in cultural work.

Keval Singh, Deputy High Commissioner for India, London, England

Mr. Batish's authority as a great master musician, coupled with his knowledge of the west and ease in explanation, have given our students their first serious opportunity to understand and enjoy Indian music. His performances, lectures, and demonstrations here have been a great success.

Dr. Ralph Abraham, Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz, U.S.A.

A leading music director of India films, has composed music for over 50 films over the last thirty years. He has done a yeoman service to the Indian film industry. We understand that Mr. Batish has gone to the western hemisphere for the purpose of transmitting the musical heritage of India. His absence in the Indian film industry will be severely felt in the coming years. We wish him all the best.

S. R. Shetty. Assistant Secretary, Indian Motion Picture Producers Association, Bombay, India

We have had the privilege of presenting his performances recorded by our company on our discs to his innumerable fans all over India and abroad.

V. K. Dube, Artist & Repertoire Manager, The Gramaphone Company of India

An artist and composer of this service since 1938.

A. Dinakkar Rao, Assistant Station Director, All India Radio, Bombay, India

An outstanding musician, composer, and music director, having given many performances with his melodious voice. His continued stay in the States will help bring both our countries closer in cultural ties. He has won the Tansen Award for the best vocalist of the year 1964.

Shri Brij Narayan, Director, Sur Singar Samsad, Bombay, India

A bonafide member of our association.

Secretary, Cine Music Director's Association, Bombay, India

When you wrote the music for India My India and A Letter From Thimpu, you proved that Eastern music is not just unacceptable to untrained Western ears.

Eric Davidson, B.B.C. Television, London, England

Thanks for your cooperation in teaching Sitar to Michael York for our film, The Guru.

Ismail Merchant, Producer, Arcadia Films, New York

How very much we appreciate having you work with us. As you saw, the studio audience enjoyed your performance prodigiously; it will interest you to know that we are getting many congratulatory letters from the radio audiences. I sincerely hope that your talents will continue to be available to us, and that we may have the pleasure of working together in the near future.

Charles McLelland, B.B.C., London, England

He plays an important role in feeding the growing interest of asian music and culture in Great Britain by his beautiful performances and compositions.

David Bryson, B.B.C., Television, Birmingham, England

He has composed vocal and instrumental music in the four T.V. series of India My India, and thirteen series of "Faces Of India.

Yavar Abbas, Face Films, London, England

A prominent person for many years in the field of films and classical music.

Asia and Africa Review, London, England

Your Sitar playing has blended very well and most effectively in Ginza Strip. (C.B.S. Label)

Tony Carr, Record Producer, Blackpool, England

His English is fluent and easy to understand. He teaches systematically while at the same time instilling an appreciation for the soul of music. In addition to being a superb teacher, Mr. Batish has won the affection of all who have come into contact with him, for he is a warm as well as interesting person.

Professor Lantz, University of California, Santa Cruz, U.S.A.

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