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"Dil" means heart and "rubha" means enchanter. "That which enchants the heart" is what this instrument is named after. It is truly a magical instrument. It is considered a mixture of two instruments the sitar and sarangi. It is bowed as the other hand slides all the necessary musical melodies with rich gamakas (ornamentations). Although it has a sitar type fret layout, the string is not pulled to give meend (glissando). As a matter of fact, the string rarely touches the frets as one plays.

It is said that the Dilruba was designed especially for women to play as both the sarangi and the sitar require substantial calluses and that can end up disfiguring your fingers.

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  1. ( DLBA ) Dilruba - price $360.00 S&H extra
    This rosewood instrument is inlaid front and back. 43" long, it has movable frets, is held upright in your lap and played with a bow like a small bass fiddle. Case is NOT included. Made in India
    Shipping Weight: 30.00 lbs.

  2. Dilruba Instruction Video Tutor - Price $49.95
    by Ashwin Batish and S.D. Batish
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  3. Dilruba String Set - $35.00
    Includes 4 main strings and 1/4 pound sympathetic string roll

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