Sitar Power 1 - a fusion of rock and Indian music
by Ashwin Batish

By combining elements of rock and jazz with classical Indian music, Ashwin Batish gives you this uniquecollection of high energy danceable music. A real rockout! He is joined by David Harnish on guitar and Ravi Batish on vocal shouts. This album received an award in the World beat genre from the National Association of Independent Record Distributors and was selected one of the top 20 NPRalbums. It was also #1 on many NPR and college radio stations across U.S.A. and Canada.

Track Listings
1. Bombay Boogie |
mp3 sample 30sec.
2. Casbah Shuffle | mp3 sample 30sec.
3. Raga Rock | mp3 sample 30sec.
4. Sitharmony | mp3 sample 30sec.
5. New Delhi Vice | mp3 sample 30sec.
6. India Beat | mp3 sample 30sec.
7. Sitar Magic | mp3 sample 30sec.

Composed by Ashwin Batish * all music ASCAP

Media Reviews

It's powerful, it's magical! .... Stops you dead in your tracks the first time you hear it .... Batish rips on the Sitar" - Tower Records, Pulse.

"Sitar Power is a mind blowing mix of modern funk gadgetry and classical Eastern flavor. This is no novelty. Batish has been called a sitar master by fellow musicians and critics alike." - CMJ, NY

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Sitar Power 2 - more fusions of rock, pop, jazz, country with sitar
by Ashwin Batish

Bombay Born Ashwin Batish rocked the airwaves with his debut album Sitar Power 1 in 1986. This album drew rave reviews for its innovative stance and as one of the pioneering albums in the Worldbeat genre that successfully fused the classical sitar music of India with rock. Sitar Power 2 follows in the footsteps of its predecessor but stretches out further and blends North Indian classical music with Samba, Jazz, R&B, Country, and Surf! The end result produces some very diverse and rich combinations with the special Ashwin touch!

Track Listings

1. Sitar Mania |
mp3 sample 30sec.
2. Hi 5 | mp3 sample 30sec.
3. Cowboys and Indians | mp3 sample 30sec.
4. Cerebral | mp3 sample 30sec.
5. Surfing With The Sitarman | mp3 sample 30sec.
6. Misty | mp3 sample 30sec.
7. Tropicool | mp3 sample 30sec.
8. A Tabla For Two | mp3 sample 30sec.

Media Reviews

India West, California
The chasm between Western popular and the sedate, ponderous world of Indian classical music is not an easy one to bridge, however. Western popular music is geared to meeting the needs of a fast-paced lifestyle: It's immediate, sensuous, and hits the senses with a bang.

Dirty Linnen, NY
The Frank Zappa of the sitar has finally released his second volume of Sitar Power. It's been nine years and he has gotten even more experimental.

India Currents, California
If you think that fusion - music that combines the sounds of different traditions - is passe, you need to hear Ashwin Batish's latest. This compact disc contains eight new tracks which breathe new life into the fusion genre.

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The Third Stream - an accoustic East West Blend
by Ashwin Batish Sitar and David Harnish Guitar

This album follows more of the North Indian classical tradition than the familiar East/West fusion forms. The compositions are based upon traditional ragas, and are made unique by the interaction between the sitar and the guitar – a mixture that is not commonly experimented with in India. The acoustic textures of each instrument complement one another well. David has studied music with Ashwin, and they have performed together regularly. Over the years, he has done well in understanding and complementing Ashwin’s musical style. It is this relationship that makes their “call and response” improvisations spontaneous.

Since this album’s first release, on cassette, in 1981, Ashwin has gone on to release two more fusion albums–Sitar Power I and Sitar Power II, with David accompanying him on the guitar.

This release on CD is brand new and the tracks have been especially enhanced from the original analog reel master to the present Compact Disc format.

Track Listings

1. Raga Hansadhuani - Alaap |
mp3 sample 30sec.
2. Raga Hansadhuani - Gat in Tintal | mp3 sample 30sec.
3. Raga Brindabani Sarang - Gat in Tintal | mp3 sample 30sec.
4. Dhun in Dadra Tal | mp3 sample 30sec.
5. Raga Patmultani - Alaap | mp3 sample 30sec.
6. Raga Patmultani - Gat in Tintal | mp3 sample 30sec.

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