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The 72 Melakartas of South Indian music system, volume 1 featuring the 1st 12 Melas. Composed and by S.D. Batish

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The 72 Carnatic Melakartas
Composed and sung by Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish

Track Listing

  1. Kanakangi Mela #1 - Gaaiye Ganapati Jaga Bandana | mp3 sample 30 sec.
  2. Ratanangi Mela #2 - Madura Dhuna Baaji Baansuriyaa | mp3 sample 30 sec.
  3. Ganamurti Mela #3 - Indu Chakra Men Kanakaangi | mp3 sample 30 sec.
  4. Vanaspati Mela #4 - Daar Daar Bana Bana Men | mp3 sample 30 sec.
  5. Manavati Mela #5 - Maana Taja Maanavati Sri Raadhe | mp3 sample 30 sec.
  6. Tanarupi Mela # 6 - Raaga Taanaroopi, Kyaa Ajaba Swaroopi
  7. Senapati Mela #7 -
  8. Hanumat Todi Mela #8
  9. Dhenuka Mela #9
  10. Natakapriya Mela #10
  11. Kokilapriya Mela #11
  12. Rupavati Mela #12
This album is the first of a six volume set encompassing the complete seventy two Melakartas (musical scales) of the Carnatic music system. There are twelve Chakras (groups) of six Melakartas each. The first two, the Indu and the Netra Chakras are covered here. Most of the songs are in in the Raga Lakshan Geet form - which means that the words of each song also teach the pertinent details of its raga. The compositions are the original creations of Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish and are rendered in the North Indian classical style of singing utilizing North Indian talas (rhythm cycles). Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish has brought his over 60 years of active musical experience - as a singer, composer, author, song writer, music director, and multi-instrumentalist, to bear upon this musical creation superimposing the North Indian style of singing and composing to the Carnatic ragas. As far as we know, such a work has never before been attempted by a North Indian composer. Such beautiful compositions and style breathes new life into both the Northern and the Southern music traditions.

Ashwin Batish graces this project with his magical touch. With his multi-instrumental skills, he adds the perfect arrangements and orchestration to his father’s compositions.

Om Shanti Meditation on Dilruba by S.D. Batish

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Om Shanti Meditation - Dilruba


This music evokes the Shanta Rasa–an aura of peace and tranquility, a state of being essential to meditation. Dilruba, the instrument being played by Panditji, has 30 sympathetic strings. Each string is especially tuned to the proper shruti and is in perfect harmony. As the lead string is bowed to the notes of the raga, these sympathetic strings reverberate automatically producing a deep, lush, and dreamy sound . This instrument is one of the most popular stringed instruments of the bowed variety in Northern India. Its fretted finger board resembles that of a Sitar and its belly, upon which the main bridge rests, is covered with goat skin like on a Sarangi.

The Om Shanti Series was initiated by Ashwin Batish and his father Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish when approached by many people looking for pure tonal music to meditate, relax, or to do daily yoga practice to. The music is un-metered, very slow, fluid, and extremely relaxing. Each note of the raga (modal scale) is fine tuned to enhance its natural soothing qualities.

Two Tanpuras add soothing drone in the background.

Raga Todi sung by Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish

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Raga Todi:

Ashwin Batish - Tabla


  1. Alaap - Introduction
  2. Jai Jai Mahadev Kriti in Tintal

Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish was born in a Brahman family and received classical music training from his guru Shri Chandan Ram Charan of Patiala, Punjab. In 1936, he rose to stardom with his hit song Khamosh Nigahen from the film Dassi, he has recorded virtually thousands of songs with His Master’s Voice of India. Panditji has composed music for over 45 films in India and directed music & sung and worked with leading music directors such as S. D. Burman and O. P. Nayyar. He is recognized as an outstanding artist A grade artist of All India radio and TV. His Compositions have been rendered by top singers like Lata Mangeshkar, Manna Dey, Asha Bhonsle, Mohamad Rafi, Talat Mahmood. Some of his hit songs are, Ishk Ishk Qawali, Manmohan Man Me, Poocho Na Kaise Maine Rain Bitaee.

In England, Panditji worked with the BBC and was one of the founders of the TV program Apna Hi Ghar Samajhiye created for the resident immigrants of India. He also composed and directed music for over 20 documentary movies. His most popular venture was when he helped the Beatles record the sound track for their film “Help”. He also taught George Harrison and his wife Patti the Dilruba.

In 1970 , Panditji moved to California to teach Indian music at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Here, along with his son Ashwin, he formed the Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts dedicated to teaching and furthering the culture and arts of India.

Ashwin Batish Live at KKUP radio. Featuring raga Kirvani on the sitar

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Ashwin Batish Sitar - Live at KKUP Radio

John Taylor - Tabla

Track Listings

  1. Introduction | mp3 sample 30 sec.
  2. Raga Kirvani - Alaap, Jod, Jhalla | Alaap - mp3 sample 30 sec. | Jhalla mp3 sample 30 sec.
  3. Raga Kirvani - Gat in Deepchandi Tal of 14 beats | mp3 sample 30 sec.
  4. Raga Kirvani - Gat in Fast Tintal of 16 beats | mp3 sample 30 sec.
  5. Interview with Ashwin | mp3 full clip

Album Description This is a special release of a performance/interview of Ashwin on KKUP Radio in Cupertino, California. We hope you will enjoy its live nature and on-air vibes. An interview with Ashwin is included. John Taylor, one of Ashwin’s students, accompanies him throughout the performance on the tabla.

A special thanks to Joe Sodja and “The Ethnic Connection” for inviting Ashwin and recording the performance. Ashwin has been a regular contributor to KKUP for the past 25 years!

Sitarist Ashwin Batish plays morning ragas Pahadi, Todi and Vibhas with tabla accompaniment by Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish

Cassette BR4001C - $9.99
CD BR4001CD - $17.99
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Morning Meditation Sitar by Ashwin Batish

Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish - Tabla

Track Listings

  1. Raga Pahadi - Alaap
  2. Raga Pahadi - Gat composition in Deepchandi Tal
  3. Raga Vibhas - Alaap and Gat composition in Ektal
  4. Raga Todi - Alaap and Gat composition in Tintal

Album Description

This was Ashwin's debut album and was originally released in 1980. We have now re-mastered it using the highest quality digital conversion and are presenting you this wonderful collection of morning ragas Pahari, Todi and Vibhas. It is North Indian classical music and Ashwin's mastery is evident as he weaves melodies in these ragas easily in tabla rhythms of Tintal - 16 beats, Ektal - 12 beats, and Deepchandi - 14 beats.

Ashiwn is accompanied by his teacher and father Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish on the Tabla. One only has to hear both father and son perform together to note the perfect fusion of the two elements of classical music of India - raga and tala.

Sitarist Ashwin Batish in Concert at the UCSC performing arts theater in Santa Cruz. Accompanied by Zakir Hussain on tabla

Total Time 76 min.

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Ashwin Batish In Concert

Zakir Hussain Tabla

Track Listing

  1. Raga Shuddha Sarang in Tintal
  2. Raga Sundar Kauns in Slow Tintal - 16 beat cycle
  3. Raga Sundar Kauns in Fast Ektal - 12 beat cycle

This is a recording of a very exciting meeting of two brilliant classical musicians with energy to spare. Improvising on stunning rhythmic cycles, intricate passages weave with a deftness that thrills theheart. Ashwin Batish and Zakir Hussain make a great team!

All clips in RealAudio G2 Format and require Realplayer G2 (a free product) to be played.

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