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Pandit S.D. Batish

Our very special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their contribution to our efforts in collecting all the accumulated information on Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish (S.D. Batish). Some of them are family members, some life long friends who have gladly parted with their copies of old 78 records, some are collectors with years of effort with an investment personal mini fortunes to acquire old records. Some are simply fans with a small collection that they shared with us. We want to acknowledge all of them for their love of Panditji's music and for bringing his music back home to us!

Mr. M.R. Ajgaonkar, Bombay, India
Mr. Amarjeet Anand
Filmi Khoj
Mr. Jayaraman Subramaniam, Bombay, India
Vish Krishnan, San Jose, California
Suman Chourasia, Indore, India
Surjit Singh, San Diego, California
Har Mandir Singh, India
Chetan Vinchhi