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Exotic scales of North India: 650+ Ragas written in Staff and Sargam notations, pp. 190.
This encyclopedia is for all musicians interested in boosting their compositional creativity. Notated in Western staff and Indian sargam, it is a reference guide designed to put you in touch with the wealth of exotic raga scales of North India. Now you too will have access to the very same knowledge that is an integral part and foundation of practicing Indian musicians. Keep it handy and tap its wealth.

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and Technical Word Pronunciations Tape & CD

(Companion to Ragopedia V. 1)
Side A: Vocal Interpretation of the five Chalans contained in the Chalan chapter of Ragopedia featuring the ragas Asavari, Bageshvari, Bhoopal Todi, Darbari Kahnara, and Todi. Composed and sung exquisitely by Pandit Shiv Dayal Batish with instrumental accompaniment by Ashwin Batish.

Side B: Pronunciation of Indian music terminology emphasizing proper elocution of Raga names and technical words. 70 min.

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