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Many thanx to everyone

KBOO Date: Wed, 12 Jul 95 20:22:13 PDT
Subject: RE: New Sitar Power CD by Ashwin Batish

We got Ashwin a couple of weeks ago. He is very popular here. Is already getting heavy airplay....... You made the right decision to send the music to KBOO. Thanks.

-Chris Merrick
Program Director

  • CFRC - FM

    Date: Mon, 17 Jul 95 17:06:23 EDT

    Hi ya Ashwin,

    Yes indeed!! We did receive the disc. Thanks very was added to our playlist about a week or so ago so stay tuned to our chart for possible action there :)

    Peggy Shanks
    Radio Queen's University Canada

  • CJSF - FM

    From: John Clark
    Date: Wed, 12 Jul 1995 22:32:45 -0700

    "Added it today and thought it was pretty good."


  • KGNU - FM

    Date: June 29, 1995
    Not only did I receive it (Sitar Power II), but it is getting good play here at KGNU.

    Regards and thanks much for sending the CD.

    Catherine M. Gollery
    KGNU Music Director


    Date: Fri, 23 Jun 1995
    From: "M. Cornick"


    We received Sitar Power 2 and will add it on Monday. I expect it will be a hit - a lot of people at our station liked the first Sitar Power LP.

    You can check our weekly Top 35 charts for Sitar Power 2 at this URL:

    Mark Cornick
    program director WXJM


    Dear Ashwin and Sandra,

    Thanks for the continued Sitar Power #2. This one is one of my all-time favorite releases!

    Jeff Brown - MD
    Juneau, Alaska
    June 20, 1995


    We would like to have a station ID by Ashwin Batish. Our current one is from 1989 or 1988 and has been played to death!! We need a new one! Thanks!

    Judy Dorsey - (A huge Sitar Power fan from day 1)

    Reply:.... Judy, Ashwin is recording a new ID for you. Keep the flag flying! Sandra.


    Yes, we got Sitar Power 2 a few days ago. I've already played it on the air and listened to it straight through last night. It's a certainty that it'll be put on playlist. I'm very impressed with the sitar playing throughout the recording and I've already picked a few tracks to play later. I can't give you a definitive opinion before I give it a better listen, but I certainly enjoyed it last night.

    I think Ashwin ought to consider getting together with some of the acoustic bluegrass people. "Ashwin Batish and David Grisman in Mando/Sitar Meltdown." That'd throw 'em a curve.

    Keep on doin what you're doin, whatever it is,

    Eric Hines
    World Music dj

  • KUSR

    Hi there, My name is Ali Motameni and I am the WORLD BEAT Dj here at KUSR radio in Ames, Ia. Let me tell you, it has been an uphill struggle battle to FIND and PLAY TO AN AUDIENCE in the middle of Iowa, MOSTLY FARM TOWNS AND SMALL TOWN people, world and international flavored music. But, hey I am myself an international student and I think COLLEGE RADIO should dare go where all those COMMERCIAL stations in town dare not go. Thats why I became the MUSIC DIRECTOR at this fine college radio station (IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY)

    Anyway, thank to people like you and Indie lables like CAROLINE DORIAN and bunch of other good ones, I can attempt to make the world beat revolution happen.


    My world beat show is on Saturdays from 2-6 Pm or at least WAS last spring,come FAll I may get a new slot. I play a mixture of alternative and international music. Typical set:

    You get the idea. I also report WEEKLY to CMJ chart the majority of the good stuff I play, this weeks report included: FLYING BULGAR KELZMER BAND (on dorian lable and awsome bulgarian band), MICHAEL ROSE (on heartbeat lable singer of BLACK UHURU), PAPA WEMBA (a great african musician on CAROLINE and peter Gabriels lable), GUADRABARRANCO (a El salvador brother and sister band), some other cool and interseting stuff which I dont remember right now sitting at this computer and ASHWIN BATISH (SURPRISE!) at number 8 on our charts. I hope that gives you of the high degree of diversity that I have on my WORLD BEAT show. our address:


    If you like the mixture clash of new and old culture, like MR BATISH so brilliantly illustrated to me on SITAR POWER 2, here are two suggestions:

    1. ETHNOTECHNO: mixing ethnic chineses, french, latin american and algerian arabic music with rave and techno with head spinning results it was released 1994 on TVT lable (also responsible for Nine Inch Nails first album)

    2. B- TRIBE which stands for BArcelona TRribe, they mix new age music SPANISH FLAMENCO MUSIC techno and dance and electronic music again resulting a rather hypnotic results, they released their frst album FIESTA FATALE! which I guess means big party on ATLANTIC RECORS in 1994 (a lable responsible for TORI AMOS, LED ZEPPLIN (which you should check JIMMY PAGE and ROBERT PLANTS new album called NO QUARTETR that features british, moroccan musicians doing zepplin songs on VIOLIN with NAJMA AKHTAR an egyptian woman wailing on top)!!!!


    Here at Iowa stae, some of muy dedicated Indian friends statrted a societ called SPIMACY, which stands for society for P... of Indian Music And Culture among Youth. They are poor, but highly dedicated and active, among their activities:

    1. Indian culture and art demonstration to area high school and elementary and college students .

    2. A weekly radio show called SALI MANGA from 2-3 every Saturday, for which they won a UNIVERSITY WIDE recognition and mention in some kind of achievement for cultural understanding award something IOWA and MIdwest lacks GRATELY.

    3. sponsoring, with university help, Indian classic music performers in AMes and Iowa.

    In one short breath, they are achieving nothing short of a LITTLE MIRACLE here, which brings me to my point of a REQUEST:

    I can USE and PLAY SITAR POWER on my NORMAL international show. But I was wondering if you can send an EXTRA set of MR. BATISH's SITAR POWER 1 AND II SO They can have it for their show (I have given and requested from CAROLINE an extra copy of SHEILA CHANDRAs new reissued album and You wouldnt believe how happy they were ) most of the time they play CLASSIC INDIAN music and EDUCATE people by explaining the style, insturments and history of pieces that they play. YOU WOULD BE PROUD OF THEM. I will give them your Email address and also I just got introduced to your fine establishment,

    AND the people who do the INDIAN radio show have to deal with low quality TAPES for most part and THEY COULD REALLY use some of your releases, I was wondering if it is possible for you to send us, in addition to extra copies of SITAR POWER 1 and 2, one complimentary promotional copy of the following, In return, I promise to send you a tape of one of their SHOWS next FALL so you and your good family can enjoy. here they are:

    BR 6002: The Third stream-sitar/guitar, ASHWIN BATISH and DAVID HARNISH
    BR 6004 RAga MEETS Shakespear, sonnets set to..- Shiv Dayal BATISH
    BR 6005 Lishkare-punjabi folk songs...- MEENA BATISH
    BR 5003 In concert:sitar/tabla... ASHWIN BATISH AND ZAKIR HUSSAIN

    Thank you for your time and you MAY BY ALL MEANS Email me or contact me or people at SPIMACY by any of the ways mentioned above, and again thank you very much for SITAR POWER, I love numbers 1,4 and 8 the BEST but hey they are all mind bendingly FABULOUS, being a drummer, and a middle eastern man, I am PARTIAL to # 8 STRONGELY however.

    Sincerely, yours
    Ali Motameni
    KUSR radio

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