Sitar Power #2 Reviewed

by Rajan P. Parrikar

From: parrikar@spot.Colorado.EDU
Date: 31 May 95 06:25:26 GMT
Organization: University of Colorado at Boulder

I heard Sitar Power II recently and liked it and would recommend itto those who dig this fusion/Raga-Rock kind of thing. Ashwin Batishis certainly a talented and creative musician.

In particular, the two melodies combining elements of Pahadi and Mand stand out. The track 'Sitar Mania` has a breezy feel to it thatmakes you pine for a glass of orange juice (freshly-squeezed) anda corn muffin to go with it. I don't know why it is such a short4-odd minutes piece when it could have easily been extended furtherinto more inspired territory. 'Cowboys and Indians` is also a finebouncy track, the initial alap being Ravi Shankaric in more ways thanone. The background melodic guitar work is top-notch and so is thecreative use of the synthesizer thoughout the album. 'Surfing withthe Sitarman` based in Bhairavi also caught my fancy. At the end of it all, one could well be thirsting for more (of the juice, I mean.Corn muffins are known to be dessicative).

While the music is very well done overall, I am less enthused about the picture (is that you, Ashwin, in that atrocious garb?). I understandthe need to look exotic but you don't have to look both exotic anddiabolical. Way, way too non-linear for my sartorial tastes.

Chal then, keep jammin' Sitarman, and if you have more coming keep us posted.

Rajan Parrikar

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